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We, the Arrowgates leadership team work together with God to deliver Engage, Expand and Elevate

Simon-Tan-Senior Pastor _ Sarah-Cai-Past

Rev. Simon Tan & Ps. Sarah Cai

Senior Pastor

As the founder of Rever Ministries and an inspirational spiritual guide, Simon plays a vital leadership role in giving powerful preaching and directing Rever Ministries. He also acts as a professional counsellor, advisor and arbitrator for the community. ​Sarah encourages and maintains our church’s culture. She is especially attuned to connecting with youth and new members, helping them find their place in our congregation.

Together as the married couple, they shepherding this flock wholeheartedly through apostolic discipleship.


Yvonne Cheung

Pastor of Arrowgates Church

Being an active leader in our ever-growing community, Yvonne gives care and love to the members. She acts as a connector between the members of Arrowgates Church. While connecting to the community, she also gives counselling to church members and gives powerful prayer to help those in need.


Naomi Pang

Pastor of Arrowgates Church

With the pastoral anointing from God, Naomi acts as an excellent pastor in religious theology teachings and leading the woman to step into their destinies. Also, she plays an important role in the running of the church services and activities.


Angela Chan


Angela has been inspiring our community since joining Arrowgates Church. With the high anointing and wisdom from God, her powerful prayers always bring healing to the people's hearts and lead the younger generations to make the wise decisions.


Connie Ko

Pastor of Arrowgates Church

As the board of director, Connie is responsible for managing finance and overseeing the church activities. She also plays a crucial role in attuning the relationship between existing and new members.

Joshua-Chiu-Worship Leader.jpg

Joshua Chiu

Creative Director

Pastor-in-charge worship team

Joshua is the Board of Creativity and Leader of Worship team in Arrowgates Church. Having strong anointing of worship from God, his extraordinary voice and instrumental skills can always bring down the glory from heaven and fill up the spaces with the presence of God.

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